33. Expectations

8:00 AM

“Mornings why do they have to happen. I mean why do you have to be so tired? Why are we hungary in the morning? Speaking of hungary i want food!”

9:00 AM

” Oh where did my Apple Jacks get to? I must have finished them yesterday! Now I mine as well skip breakfast!


” Oh noodles I forgot that I had to be at the office early today. My boss won’t be very happy!


” Why didn’t I bring a jacket! This was supposed to be one of the best days of my life! Boy did I have the expectations for today!

32. Night

The plane will be landing in about  fifteen minutes said the flight attendant. Jonah could not wait to land he had not see his wife or four children since last Christmas. Being in the ARMY was very hard he hated being away from his family, but his wife was the one who encouraged him to go after his dream.

Five minutes till we’ll be landing.

He was about ready to jump out of his seat.

Finally they were there! Jonah just about ran off of the plane, confused? It was dark? Oh silly him he    forgot about the time difference.

31. Flowers

As Mary walked through the charred rumble of her house she was devastated. The fire was awful and when it  happened it gave her family only minutes to escape the flames. The source of the fire was unknown but the family was determined to find out. Mary, the oldest of six, kept walking trying to find something that survived. She glanced down and saw a piece of paper on the floor. It’s edges were burned and it was very fragile, but she read it. It said: When all else fails look at a flower for it will make you smile.

30. Under the Rain

It was 1837, Blooming Meadow Lane, New York.  A young couple was found dead in the street.

“Jack, where are you taking me?” asked Elizabeth.

“Just follow me, everything will be alright,” Jack replied.

“But it’s supposed to rain tonight, and I don’t want to get caught in the storm.”

It slowly started to drizzle and Elizabeth was getting worried.  They started to dance in the street to no music, and even as the rain got harder, they kept dancing.  They were having fun.

“Jack, don’t you hear that faint honking?”

“Just ignore it.”

“But Jack!  Jack!”


“The truck!”

29. Happiness

It was Christmas 1957, and little Mary-Jane couldn’t wait to open her presents. She lived in a poor family so even at Christmas they didn’t get more than two presents. But she was hoping that she would get the one present she asked for, a pair of ballet slippers. See Mary-Jane would dance all day, but if she ever wanted to be a professional ballerina she would need a pair of ballet slippers. So she opened the only present with her name on it. And it was a pair of ballet slippers that came with a big smile of happiness.

28. Sorrow

His heart was broken. It was a terrible, treacherous evening for Henry Thomas Jr.! His girl had left him and dumped him in a text. A STUPID TEXT! He was furious. He did not know what he would do without his lovely Georgia. She was the love of his life. And when she had left it was bad enough that she didn’t say bye but she slapped him across the face breaking not only his heart but also his nose.  Because she was strong. So now he is sitting in bed crying his heart out all because of STUPID Georgia.


27. Foriegn

Ugg! Zaniyah said as he, an 80 year old man was walking up the stairs to his bedroom.“ These stairs get harder and harder every day” he said.

Then when he sat down on the bed he started to feel a little dizzy, and his childhood flashed before his eyes, and stopped at one time as a child.

He was sitting at the table with his mom in his Aztec community when she said “ Zaniyah dear I tell you that you will live forever with your Lord and Savior.”

Zaniyah remembered when he came to this country

“Oh the time.”

Zaniyah is an Aztec name meaning – forever, always